Little Seed Farm Soap

Little Seed Farm Soap

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These luxurious goat milk soaps are locally handmade in Tennessee. Each one is made with the finest ingredients, raw goat's milk and essential oils, in small batches. Choose from three:

Milk Bar: This bar is milk is nourishing, and full of moisturizing butterfat that soothes dry or irritated skin. It can help protect and heal skin.

Lavender Bar: This soap bar is infused with relaxing and soothing lavender essential oil. It is gentle on skin and highly-moisturizing.

Rosemary Mint Bar: This bar is infused with healing and stimulating effects of rosemary essential oil and restorative and relaxing effects of spearmint essential oil. Finely ground mint leaves and a small amount of cornmeal gently polish skin.

Activated Charcoal Bar: This bar will become part of your daily skincare routine in no time. Perfect for deep cleaning without overdrying, it attracts and washes away toxins in the skin. This bar is great for sensitive or acne-prone skin.